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The Founders

Darra Michelle

Director of Programming & Partnership

Darryca Brim-Mims, Co-Founder of Focus Fairies mentoring, NFP is a native of Chicago. She has worked in the nonprofit community as a Project Coordinator for nearly 4 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration from Northern Illinois University and later received her Master’s in Business Administration from Argosy University.


Throughout her life she has come to identify both her strengths and her areas for growth and she allowed them to mold her into the successful woman she has become today. Her amicable personality allows her the ability to work well with diverse populations. Goal oriented yet flexible, Darryca makes necessary adjustments to meet deadlines and display coordination and skill even in fast-paced environments. All of these traits have all contributed to her success.

With her smile, that brightens a room, paired with her positive attitude, Darryca’s presence brings joy to those around her. Darryca is a believer that negativity in any area of your life is useless and essentially is detrimental to your accomplishments. And she uses that belief to positively influence young adolescents and pre-teen youth throughout the Chicagoland area. She finds happiness in knowing that she plays a part in helping others achieve their own goals.

Darryca has an eye for style, and is the owner of an event planning business. She is engaged in the community, youth development and self-empowerment. Passionate about giving back to the community, Darryca uses all of her skills and strengths to impact the world​.


Kenya J. Conley

Director of Marketing & Fundraising

Kenya J. Conley, Co-founder of Focus Fairies Mentoring, NFP a non-profit organization that works with young girls of Chicago. With more than 16 years of experience in the insurance industry, Kenya holds the position of P&C License Account Manager. She has studied Criminal Justice and taken numerous business classes at Northern Illinois University. A native of Chicago, Kenya fell in love with nonprofits when she was a teenager.

Her passion of giving resonates with her love for cooking. Inspired while volunteering to feed the homeless and mentoring young women, she quickly developed a passion for charitable work. Over the years, Kenya has been devoting her time and talent to giving back to the community.

She’s determined to help young girls find purpose and direction to building a fulfilling life. Kenya is a compassionate individual with an ear for listening and the ability to reach the younger generation. During her spare time, she enjoys traveling internationally, cooking, volunteering, and spending quality time with her son.


Kendra Thomas

Director of Community Engagement & Recruitment

Kendra Thomas, Co-founder of Focus Fairies Mentoring, received her undergraduate degree from DePaul University where she majored in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. It was in her senior year that she took an experiential learning class that changed her life, fueling a passion in understanding underprivileged populations from Public Housing.
Ms. Thomas then had the opportunity to do intense fieldwork in Ida B. Wells, Stateway Gardens and Robert Taylor developments where she learned the ideals behind this population and what they were missing in their communities, namely local job opportunities.
After graduation, Ms. Thomas briefly attended DePaul’s MSW program to pursue a career in social work.
Two years into the program, Ms. Thomas took time off to pursue a career in leadership at US. Cellular where she assisted in developing and educating associates on a consistent basis. Ms. Thomas found great enjoyment in her position of guiding associates in creating personal development plans and discovering their life passions.
As a result, Ms. Thomas was able to help people obtain employment in their respective fields of expertise.

In 2011, Ms. Thomas returned to college and later graduated from Keller Graduate School of Management where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. Afterwards, Ms. Thomas took another position in leadership with Best Buy Logistics. With Best Buy Logistics, Ms. Thomas was able to continue with personal and professional development with associates. Ms. Thomas also gained first hand knowledge regarding home delivery and logistics. Currently, Ms. Thomas is an Administrative Assistant with the City of Chicago and continues to reside in Chicago. 

In her spare time, Ms. Thomas enjoys writing poetry and volunteering with youth.

The Mentors

Ericka Gaines

Loriel Shannon

Marvina Bailey

Joy Onuoha

Chandra Ewell

Taylor Cox

JoAnn Taylor

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